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About WOB

Women of Basketball is a community of people who love basketball and support the basketball athletes playing at the collegiate level. After sell-out of our collection of 3,100 digital assets, Women of Basketball will financially support Junior College (JUCO) Basketball female athletes by providing funds toward their housing expenses after they commit to playing with a collegiate team.

Most schools that recruit athletes may offer full scholarships, partial scholarships, and academic scholarships. While some scholarships cover the housing expenses of collegiate athletes, many scholarships do not. It is crucial for female college recruits to focus on their education and sport without having the stress of working multiple part-time jobs just to have a safe place to sleep and live. Many of these athletes depend on their sport to ensure themselves a college diploma and prepare to play at the professional level.


The purpose of Women of Basketball is to alleviate the financial burdens of student athletes by aiding the costs of tuition, housing, and academic supplies/technology.

Your participation helps today’s women of basketball support our next generation of collegiate players!

Basketball Hoop


Our mission is to instill a pay-it-forward mentality within our community and bring awareness to the public about the real live-work-play lives of student athletes.



The WOB standard is to build a community with our athletes and holders by creating conditions to succeed while innovating and providing means now and  in the future.

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