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What do I get when I mint a WOB? 

  • Each WOB includes a unique piece of art

  • Surprise airdrops

  • Opportunities to be part of WOB live broadcast hosted by Leslie Motta

  • Future coaching/mentoring sessions for goal setting and elevator pitch

  • Opportunities to meet the "in real life" women of basketball we are helping via, zoom, live broadcast, and etc

  • Meet and greets (where available) 

  • Weekly Twitter Spaces 

  • One time 0.40 Eth for our Team Captain

  • One time 0.20 Eth for our All-Star Baller

  • Future access to limited edition merch

  • Future Swaps

  • Be part of our future Metaverse

  • More to come 

What is the rarity structure of WOB? 

  • There are four Team Captains and

  • Sixteen All-Star high skilled ballers who are the rarest of them all

  • Some ballers included rare accessories such as diamond necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring, tattoos, headbands, hairstyle, basketball, and more

  • *Team Captains & The 16 All-Star Ballers come with an additional bonus

What is the Mint Date? 

  • 10/29/2022


What is the Mint Price? 

  • 0.031 Eth

When will my WOB be revealed? 

  • As soon as you mint your WOB, your baller will be revealed 

Where can I mint? 

  • Mint WOB

  • Only available to mint on desktop

  • Mobile availability coming soon

NOTE: Eth for Team Captains and All-Star Ballers will be awarded when 1st quarter collection is sold out. Live broadcasting with our holders, mentoring for goals & elevator pitches will also commence once 1st quarter collection is sold out. 

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