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The Team

Who We Are

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Leslie Motta

Founder & Artist

Leslie along with her daughter Lei'lani founded the project Women of Basketball Digital Asset Collection. Leslie is passionate about helping the young women athletes focus on their education while playing ball at the collegiate level without having the stressors of finding ways to pay for the athletic/academic costs that a scholarship won't cover. Leslie appreciates all of your support and is excited to grow the community and build memories with you all.

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Lei'lani Motta

Founder & Content Creator

Lei'lani is a student-athlete who will be embarking on her first year of playing basketball at the collegiate level. She is excited and grateful for the new life opportunities. Lei'lani is also humbled by all of the support with the WOB project and thrilled to be part of a community impacting change. Lei'lani is passionate about her team and wants everyone to feel welcomed.

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